Take the ‘Big Naked’ CB1300 Flagship’s gut appeal and extend its enjoyment to a wider range of riding–and even touring–pleasure and you’ll get the new CB1300S. Its compact yet highly aerodynamic new half fairing reinforces the CB1300S’s strong visual ties to the Superbikes of the 80’s whilst enabling long distance rider comfort and touring convenience.

While maintaining the same fundamental development goals laid out for the newly refined 2005 CB1300 ABS the new CB1300S’s main attraction is still its monstrous 1,284cc liquid-cooled DOHC inline-4 engine and the fine workmanship that glistens with the highest quality in its every detail.
For discerning riders who look for ‘value’ in less tangible assets than simply power, performance and a low price the CB1300S easily adds up to be one of the best values in motorcycling.

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